Job Shadow

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What is a Job Shadow at Seaman High School?

A two-four hour visit to a business that allows a student to follow an employee, manager, or owner as they perform their daily tasks.

An opportunity for a student to explore first hand what an employee does on a daily basis.

A chance to explore a specific job(s) within a career pathway.

A time to witness the daily reality of the work world.


Students must be at least a second semester Freshman to participate.

Students must be in good standing - academically and with their school attendance.

Students with a cumulative GPA below a 2.0 will not be considered.

Students with five or more excused/unexcused absences in the previous semester will also not be eligible to participate.

Students must demonstrate good citizenship in school and community.

Students will be required to obtain teacher approval a week prior to their job shadow date.

Students will be allowed to explore one career per semester.

How do I get started?

Step 1

Complete 2022-2023 Seaman HS Job Shadow/Career Conversation Application
Most all careers will be considered, however certain restrictions will apply, especially to careers which may lie within the Health Science pathway. 

Step 2

Once Mrs. Noble receives an application, she will interview the student and with the student’s assistance, set up a job shadow date.

Step 3

The student and parent must complete the Student/Parent Contract for Job Shadow Experience and Job Shadow Pre-Absence Form before the visit.

Step 4

The student is now ready to attend the JOB SHADOW!

Step 5

The student will ask their career mentor to sign and complete a Student Job Shadow Verification of Attendance Form. Please turn this in to Mrs. Noble

Step 6

The student will write a Thank-You letter within 2 days to their career  mentor. Additionally, the student will complete a brief Student Summary of Job Shadow Experience and share a digital copy of this with Mrs. Noble and their career advocate.

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