How can I become a mentor?

Seaman High School community is excited to be offering students this opportunity, which could not be possible without the support of our business community. Career/Business Mentors will:

  • provide students with a glimpse of the world of work within his/her career field.
  • allow students to gain and practice skills that are needed in the workforce setting.
  • help to provide an understanding of the education and training required for the career field internship, while helping his/her intern to prepare for life as an adult.

Career/Business mentors participating in the program gain a sense of satisfaction in helping to prepare a young person in a chosen career path. Mentors benefit in sharing his/her own knowledge and expertise for a young person to learn from while demonstrating a meaningful partnership between education and business. Lastly, pride in helping in the preparation of the next generation of talent within your career field, are just a few of the end results of mentoring.

We sincerely thank those mentors for their time and talent, and appreciate your support!

If you're interested in partnering with us, email Gita Noble.

Click here to learn about the Kansas Mentor Partner Program.