New Club Protocol

Creating a New Club
Any teacher or student having an interest in starting a new club may obtain a New Club Proposal Form (see following pages) in the Student Activities office. After the completed form has been returned to the Student Activities office, the application goes through the following process:

  1. Review of application by the Student Activities Director in light of the above criteria for school-sponsored clubs and conditions for school-recognized club.

  2. Meeting with potential sponsor and/or students and the Student Activities Director.

  3. Written recommendation by the Student Activities Director to the Principal for acceptance or rejection of the club as a school-sponsored club or school-recognized club.

  4. Final written decision by the Principal.

  5. If a club is accepted as a school-sponsored club, the club will be on "pilot" status for two full semesters and a specific plan to start as a school-sponsored pilot club will be developed by the sponsor, students, and Student Activities Director.

New Club Criteria
School-sponsored Clubs:  To be eligible for consideration as a club sponsored by Seaman High School, a club must meet the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of sufficient student interest (i.e., 15 or more students);

  2. Congruence with Board Policy and the District's mission statement for its co-curricular program;

  3. Availability of an appropriate adult sponsor;

  4. Inclusiveness (i.e., the degree to which the club is designed to appeal to and include students regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, disability, etc.); and

  5. No significant duplication of purpose, goals, or activities of an existing school-sponsored club.