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Mission Statement:

The Writing Center's purpose is to improve students' writing projects by collaborating with trained consultants in an inviting environment.

Consultant Hour Log

Hours & Locations

The Writing Center is located in the library for a seminar, before, and after school. We are located in the Norseman Bay area during lunch. You can find our most updated operating hours on our scheduling website.

*If you want to meet with a consultant during your lunch period, you MUST sign up for an appointment! It is recommended that you set up an appointment during the seminar to ensure you can get your paper looked over.


Q: Do you only help with papers?

A: No. We help with papers, projects, presentations; anything that involves writing.

Q: Does my paper/project/presentation have to be finished for me to bring it in?

A: No. We can help you at any point in the process! (Even in the brainstorming stage)

Q: Will what I bring in to be evaluated or proofread by the consultants?

A: No. Your consultant will work with you to improve your writing! They will have you read whatever you brought it out loud, ask you questions, and talk through it with you. They will give you session notes that will help you remember your discussion when you leave.

Consultant Application

Want to work in the Writing Center?

Fill out the application and turn it in

to Miss Sands in W-6 before May 1st.

SHS Writing Center Consultant Application