Museum and Archives

Seaman High School
A Letter to our Community

We have exciting news to share on how the Seaman community will soon have the opportunity to interact and engage with the history of the district. The Seaman High School Museum and Archives is now managed by students in the Museum Studies class at Seaman High School after many years of hard work from dedicated volunteer community members. Students in this class are learning how to preserve and archive district artifacts while sharing information and experiences with others.

Student ArchivingFrom homecoming queens to sports teams, their exhibits have already impacted current students and faculty. Their goal is to continue creating engaging exhibits to further the historical knowledge of the district by providing even more access to the Seaman community in new and different ways. Currently, the class is working to revitalize the museum through the digitization of archival material onto a website, frequent creation of exhibits, and modernization of the space to enhance the museum experience. The students have had a successful beginning and a positive outlook for its future, however they need your support.

The museum is relocating to the high school to become part of the educational experience while also increasing community access during the school day and at school events. As part of this move, the class would like to invest in an open storage concept to expand the existing space with more shelving for storage, exhibits, and research space while simultaneously protecting and displaying district collections.

The museum studies class is diligently working to digitize every artifact within the museum to allow for convenient virtual viewing. With your generous donations, these students can preserve materials virtually and physically through the purchase of archival storage materials. Your support will help students create: traveling trunks, mobile museum exhibits, and teaching materials. These funds will assist in preserving, displaying, discovering, and retelling the history of the Seaman community! Previous funds from museum memberships and donations have been rolled over to cover future student scholarships.

How can you support the Seaman High School Museum and Archives?

Donation Opportunities
  • The SHS Museum and Archives gratefully accepts monetary donations of any level.
  • Please send your tax deductible donation payable to:
    SHS Museum and Archives: 4850 NW Rochester Rd., Topeka, KS 66617
Exhibit and Archival Storage Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Sponsoring an exhibit or archival storage will assist in preserving our community’s vital history. For an annual sponsorship of $250, your family or business will receive recognition on the SHS Museum and Archives website and a plaque for each exhibit sponsored. Sponsorship levels can be viewed below. To become a sponsor contact us TODAY!

    Patron Level: 1 Exhibit $250
    Historian Level: 2 Exhibits $500
    Archivist Level: 3 exhibits $750
    Viking Level: 4 exhibits $1,000
    Centennial Level: 5+ exhibits $1,250+

    For more information, contact:
    Nathan McAlister
    Phone: 785-286-8300
    Email: [email protected]

**Changes in the 2021 income tax regulations allow deductions for charitable donations of up to $300 even if you do not itemize.**