Fishing Club

Mike Wilson

While a group of students were out fishing, they decided it would be a good idea to start the fishing club back up and actually fish in it instead of just making a club for fun. In this club we are going to meet at least one time each month. We are planning on fishing for Bass, Pan-fish, and Catfish. The requirement to be in this club is an entry fee of $10 that will go towards bait, lures, etc.. Another requirement is to have a state fishing license. The prices for state fishing licenses are $27.50. These can be bought at: Dicks Sporting Good, Walmart, Academy, Don and Toms Bait Shop. We are requiring fishing licenses is because if you're over the age of 15 a state fishing license is required and we don't want anybody fishing illegally. We will be fishing mainly Ponds and Lakes. It would be convenient for you to have your own fishing equipment; it doesn't have to be anything expensive and isn’t required. We plan on having a community fishing tournament for kids. We also plan on taking this club into the summer and fishing then and eventually have a fish fry.

Kaw Valley Quails Unlimited club has donated money for the purpose of providing a fishing license to any of the Seaman Fishing Club members that are 16 years of age or older. 

After you purchase your license bring it to Mr. Wilson and he will reimburse your cost.  If you purchase the five year or lifetime license you will receive the amount of a yearly license.  

To those that are turning 16, a lifetime license would make a great birthday present.  The lifetime license is good even if you move out of state and want to continue to fish in Kansas.  

  $27.50 - One year Resident Fishing License - One year from date of purchase
$102.50 - Five year Resident Fishing License - Five years from date of purchase
$502.50 - Lifetime Resident Fishing License - Can do eight Quarterly payments of $69.00