Unsung Hero

Each year, our AP studio/advanced art students select an unsung hero within their building to honor with a larger than life (9' x 7') collaborative portrait. This year, the students selected SHS custodian Kendall Epperson (SHS Class of '81). We're so proud of our students for honoring hard work and selflessness!

Kendall Epperson

“Details Matter”


With Seaman High’s centennial, the students in the AP Art and Design and Advanced Studio classes were presented with the difficult task of choosing an alumnus to create an Unsung Hero Portrait for. Unanimously, it was decided that Kendall Epperson would be our topic because he is a humble custodian, who many are familiar with but do not know personally. He is a man whose focus is not to steal the spotlight but to keep things running from behind the scenes, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Kendall graduated from Seaman High School in 1981, and continues to walk the halls of Seaman High as a respected veteran of the military. One of his greatest personal achievements was graduating basic training in the army, and he continues to live by the values of military life: squaring off his sheets, rolling his socks, and making sure everything is in order. Most importantly, military life taught him the values of respect, something he carries with him to this day.

Respect is a major quality we see when we look at Kendall, but other aspects we observe in Kendall are kindness, compassion, care, and attention to details. To us, the greatest example of these qualities was throwing a surprise birthday party in the custodians’ office for one of his assistant custodians, even when others forgot about the smallest of people, and the smallest of things. Kendall finds the time to care for others even when nobody else notices.

We all feel strongly that it’s about time that we recognize and appreciate Kendall as much as he appreciates all of us. He is a selfless man with a selfless job; one who makes everybody feel special and appreciated. He teaches a strong lesson: appreciate life, even if it’s not perfect, find beauty in the little things, and be there for others. And just like a model railroad, every detail matters.